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"Turf Dietitian has completely changed my fertility programs for the better, reducing nutrient inputs + increasing turf quality. This tissue and soil testing are now staples in my agronomic programs."

Paul B. Latshaw MSM, Award-Winning CGCS
Merion Golf Club
Ardmore, PA



Turf Quality and Job security.  

The job description of a Golf Course Superintendent encompasses hundreds of specialized skills, one of which is agronomics. However, the majority of most Superintendents' time is spent doing practically everything but agronomics. Unfortunately, no matter how great you are at everything else, you are judged on turf quality.  The better the turf quality, the more job security you have.

At Turf Dietitian, all we focus on is agronomics.  We study to comprehend soil structure, soil chemistry, water, plant anatomy, and environmental stress on a molecular level. Our goal is to help secure your position by providing superior data, which enables you to produce the the best quality turf possible. 


Turf Dietitian is better than eyes when it comes to…

· Nutrient Uptake
· Balancing Diet
· Soil Structure
· Physical + environmental factor
  management + mediation

"It has been neat to see how little the plant needs. I have always been a bit of a minimalist and I have become even more so after using your testing. I changed the water source for foliar feeding my greens and have seen sodium levels go down in the plant. The greens have never been firmer and faster. Thanks again."

Brian Palmer
Lake Bluff, IL



If you’re using inefficient nutrient sources and feeding the plant unnecessary nutrients, you may as well be fertilizing with ground up dollar bill$.

DIALED-IN RESULTS...  Week over week, month over month, year over year.  It’s why our clients make Turf Dietitian an essential part of their nutritional programs. Whether you want it  green or lean, we DIAL-IN exactly what works for YOUR TURF.

You will come to learn that so much of what used to be wasted - Product, Water, Time and Money - will now equate to healthier turf and happier clients. Be more in the know, equipped with not just stats but the experienced agronomic analysis to give you the formula for success that starts paying for itself the first week.

"No matter the size of your budget, Turf Dietitian helps you dial-in your program to save your club money while getting better results, using the right amount of product."

Michael Thomas, GCS
The Country Club at Mirasol
Palm Beach Gardens, FL



Science is power. it makes sense and it is what’s real.

Generational legacy in farming, coupled with careers in agronomy as golf course Superintendents, is what birthed Turf Dietitian testing and analysis by Mike Hamilton, CCA and Charles Dayton, CCA 

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

Without the science, all we are doing in the turf industry is making our best guess of what our grounds actually need to thrive.  That was then, before Turf Dietitian. Now, Turf Dietitian delivers the SCIENCE to KNOW.








This power GROWS and STRENGTHENS over TIME. Optimal conditions, reduced waste and all around POSITIVE IMPACT all increase with time.   

The compounding power of testing over time is why Turf Dietitian near never loses an account or turf manager client. Clients realize almost immediately that their programs become more efficient the moment they get their first soil and tissue test results and analysis back.

Once they see the transformative impact of Turf Dietitian's dialed-in evaluation, wherever clients move in their careers, Turf Dietitian remains a mainstay in their turf management arsenal and protocol. Soil and plant tissue testing samples never stop coming in, no matter where our Supers’ and Master Ags’ career paths take them.

Turf Dietitian is the 1-stop, proven team and results, for optimal turf management. Period.


"Weekly tissue testing has opened my eyes to the amount of product I've wasted for many years. If supers aren't using Turf Dietitian, they are missing out on the health benefits of a balanced plant."

Andrew J. Jorgensen, CGCS
On Top of the World Communities, Inc.
Ocala, FL



We provide SUPER-insights that make turf managers SUPER-heroes to their membership. Board and committee members are not as apt to dispute measurable scientific data, especially when it shows progress. Turf Dietitian’s comprehensive data and analysis benefit turf managers’ positions on every level - from the greens to the meeting rooms.

KNOW YOUR TURF from the inside out.   

6 Factors of Agronomy

1. Soil structure. Bad/poor soil = bad/poor turf quality.

2. Irrigation water. Largest single carrier of nutrient content.

3. Soil reserve.  The nutrients in the soil that are carried through irrigation water.  What’s in it?

4. Soil solution.  Condition + PH. From the irrigation nutrient content, what can your soil readily absorb? What’s available for the plant to consume?  

5. Tissue Testing. What your plant is absorbing.

6. Physical Factors.  External, environmental elements that no chemical will ever compensate for accurately without DIALED-IN measurable soil and tissue measurements over time.  Traffic, shade, poor drainage, etc.

"Experiencing great results after only one year, we cannot afford to not use Turf Dietitian. I would recommend them to any turfgrass professional. Your golf course and membership will thank you."

Steve Thomas, GCS
Pelican Hill
Newport Coast, CA



We dial-in the facts for you.

TURF TESTING to see what your plants are absorbing.

SOIL TESTING to see the quality of nutrition available to the plants.

Establish how PHYSICAL and ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS affect your soil and turf tissue.

Analyze data to suggest adjustments that DIAL-IN SPRAY RATIOS + APPLICATIONS based on nutrient levels, conditions and absorption.  

"Turf Dietitian's service pays for itself each and every month, saving the golf course much more than the service cost. We also produce a better and healthier product because of Turf Dietitian."

David Levin, GCS
Country Club of Winter Haven
Winter Haven, FL



It’s what’s right for your turf.

We do not push designer products or brand names... use the stuff you like.  What we help you see and care about, through science and compound measurements, is what actually matters to your plants.

·  The nutrients your plants need

·  How nutrients are being delivered to your plants

·  Your plants’ freedom and access to absorb the nutrients around them

·  The absorption levels of the nutrients your plants need for optimal health

·  How environmental factors affect your plants’ nutrient intake

·  We also provide free phone consultation any time.








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